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Happy faceBleem! 1.6 Beta Versions Downloadable! November 20 2001, 10:02 pm
I've received quite a few emails lately regarding bleem! 1.6. Bleemers have said that they can't find bleem! 1.6 on the net. So I'll just update the site with bleem! 1.6A and 1.6B. Click on the download links below to download now:

Download Bleem! 1.6A BETA
Download Bleem! 1.6B BETA
Posted by: Nick

Middle arrowBleem! Orders Are Safe... November 20 2001, 07:29 am
For those of you guys whom have ordered bleem! or bleemcast! before the company was closed down, would not need to worry that their orders won't arrive. Here's the short message posted by David at
    Yeah, it sucks, but don't worry - all orders placed with bleem!DIRECT will be filled.
    If you've sent me an email about shipping problems, lost orders, alien abductions, returns, etc., I'm digging through them and promise, every issue WILL be resolved to your satisfaction in the next several days. (in other words, you don't have to send me a million emails - I'm not skipping town with your money - just gimme a day or two)

    If you have further issues, questions, condolences, or whatever, email me at
Posted by: Nick

Up arrowBleem! News Update November 18 2001, 08:56 pm
Hello all bleemers and bleem! fans. I'm sure if you would surely know about the news that bleem are closing their doors. I've emailed the vice-president, Will, to asked about the current situation. He replied that the main reason is that Sony have been sueing them and their legal debts have killed them. So they are trying to correct their financial situation now.
Posted by: Nick

Down arrowBleem! The End... November 17 2001, 07:42 am
Just today I received a email from Russ Painter informing me that bleem! appears to be closing down...And when I visited, I saw this gravestone dated April 1999 - November 2001 with sonic.

Whatever it is, we will still give you our support. Visit bleem's website @

Posted by: Nick

Up arrowBleemcast! Preorders Shipped October 28 2001, 07:21 pm
Bleem! have started shipping pre-orders of the new bleemcast! and Vintage Gaming has got a couple of bleemcast! reviews of Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3. There's quite a bunch of interesting screenshots and pics of it, so check out the mirrored reviews at

Metal Gear Solid Bleemcast! Review
Tekken 3 Bleemcast! Review
Posted by: Nick

Middle arrow[PEC] Database Updated October 24 2001, 07:08 am
[PEC] has just updated its cheat code database with 21 new games which includes Dragon Tales-Dragonseek, King Of The Fighters '99, Mega Man X5, etc. A new release with new functions might be coming out soon:
    The results show me that most people want search functions to generate their own cheat codes, a build-in editor to edit the database themself and support for Caetla- and Action Replay codes.
    Currently we work on the search function (works currently), the built-in editor will follow soon. Just wait for the next release ;-) (Soon doesn't mean within the next few days.)
Read the rest of the news over at Download [PEC] 1.41 with its new updated database Here.
Posted by: Nick

Happy faceBleemcast! For MGS and TK3 October 17 2001, 04:17 am
It seems like bleemcast! for Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3 would be ready soon in a few days. The company has found a replicator at L.A. Here's the news posted over at
    After no small amount of begging, we were able to find a rockin' replicator here in L.A. who was willing to save our pitiful butts.

    You're looking at the first discs of bleemcast! for MGS and TK3, hot off the presses, tested, and ready to go. They've been running all night and should be completed sometime tonight.

    Packaging begins tomorrow and should take about two days, but we're taking whatever they finish, as they finish it. If possible, we hope to start getting orders out tomorrow, but will definitely have product to ship by Thursday..

    HUGE props to Jim Lance at Concord Disc Manufacturing and Rick Hively at Media Management, for taking our calls at 6pm on Friday and working all weekend to get the stampers ready and getting us on the presses so quickly. Any software companies out there should call these guys. They rock.
Check out bleem's website at
Posted by: Nick

Middle arrowBleemcast! Release Holdback Reason October 13 2001, 10:22 am
According to bleem's webby...They reported that their CD replicator is have some problems. Here's the reason posted on
    ARGH. Can't anything ever be easy? Or even just normally difficult? Our CD replicator is having "issues" with their machines and bleemcast! got stuck in line with about 4,000,000 other CDs while they figure it out. We're doing all we can to ride them and maybe find another facility to blast them out the door.

    I know this sounds like every company's excuse when they blow their dates, but "Scout's Honor," we had our crap together and they blew it. Sorry we didn't post news sooner, but every day, they tell us we'll be on press that evening. It wasn't until last night that we hit the point of no return. Sigh.

    If you pre-ordered, bleem!DIRECT (me, David) is pre-addressing all of the shipping and stuff as much as possible, so your orders will ship as soon as the discs physically arrive.

    We'll keep you posted.
Posted by: Nick

Down arrowbleem!Direct October 11 2001, 06:09 am
bleem!Direct is another part of bleem's company... It is said to be selling bleem t-shirts, PSX games, accesories,etc. Here's the message from David at
    Finally! No more searching and calling and begging and wailing until security shows up and writing letters and making threatening calls at all hours of the night and stalking and...... um... maybe that's just us.... what I'm trying to say is, now it's EASY to get the bleem! and bleemcast! products you want, when you want them! isn't bleem - it's a separate little company where gamers will always be able to buy bleem, where small resellers can get bleem! for their stores without dealing with the big distribution companies, and where I can mouth off a little more than I can here.

    So head on over and check out. Buy something. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. When you surf game sites, tell them there's finally a store that isn't afraid to carry bleem! Thanks a bunch.

Check out the cool looking bleem!Direct site
Posted by: Nick

Happy faceBleemPark Message Boards Back Up! October 9 2001, 11:15 am
The BleemPark messageboards are back up and running again. So feel free to post your queries and questions regarding bleem on the board. Have fun!
Posted by: Nick

Happy face!Bleemcast For [Tekken 3] Released...... September 4 2001, 09:50 am


Play testing concluded this week with a Tekken Ball battle royal(but I gotta admit, I like Tekken Bowling better) and we'llrelease to mastering next week. I learned a cool thing about bleemcast! - if you use an NTSC version of Tekken 3 with your PAL Dreamcast (and a PAL-60 compatible TV), you can play TK3 without the annoying slowdown you get on the PlayStation running at 50hz, AND you get FULL-SCREEN graphics (no black bars at the top and bottom).

To Take A Look On Some of the Screen Shots,Visit

Posted by: element

Middle arrowMGS For Bleemcast! August 17 2001, 10:15 pm
Metal Gear Solid for bleemcast is going to be released soon. Here's the news on about the upcoming MGS for bleemcast:
    The final round of beta testing for bleem! for Metal Gear Solid concluded this weekend, and we're good to go. Thanks to all the volunteer testers who turned out to help us run bleemcast! through its paces and all those who offered help, but we couldn't squeeze in. As soon as we get a production schedule, we'll post the official release date and start taking pre-orders!
Check out for more info...
Posted by: Nick

Happy faceUpcoming Bleemcast! Releases... May 28 2001, 01:02 pm
While surfing around, I discovered some things... There's going to be releases of bleemcast for Tekken 3 and Metal Gear Solid. I think they are preparing for its release.
Posted by: Nick

Middle arrow[PEC] The Plugin - Interface v1.4 Released May 19 2001, 11:35 pm
[PEC] The Plugin - Interface v1.4 has been released. And there's a new team member in the [PEC] project. Danil Galimov, a Delphi coder from russia works on a Delphi-version of the [pec] interface for several months. Here's what's new in this version:
  • Interface now is written in Delphi
  • No need for the annoying Visual Basic Runtime anymore
  • Should be up to 4-20 times faster than the Visual
  • Basic version of the Interface
  • Environment-Settings : Change the GUI like you like it
  • Support for saving last selected games and cheats.
  • Now you can initialize (assign) quantity digits and modifiers at runtime.
    Just doubleclick the cheat with ? sign, and you can assign the modifier value. And of course, all unassigned modifiers will be prompted to assign during cheat activation
  • Added support for Max Normal and Max Reversed Joker commands.
  • Many things i forgot to menition. Just see it yourself.
Click Here to download [PEC] The Plugin - Interface v1.4 or Visit the Official Site for more info and details.
Posted by: Nick

Middle arrowCheet 1.13 Released May 19 2001, 10:56 pm
Cheet 1.13 has been released quited some time back around in April. I have no idea what's new in this version, but for all Cheet Users out there, I think the Official Website @ is no longer available. (Very weird ehh???)

Click Here now to download Cheet 1.13.
Posted by: Nick

Happy faceBleemcast! Released May 4 2001, 02:16 am
Bleem! for Dreamcast - Gran Turismo 2 has just been released. You can get it from and it is priced at $5.99. Here's a couple of screenshots from

Check out PSXEmu's screenshot section where they've got some screenshots of bleemcast! in action.
Posted by: Nick

Middle arrowDAEMON Tools v2.60 Released April 10 2001, 06:51 am
DAEMON Tools v2.60 has already been released for quite a long time. Here's a list of changes:
  • New setup engine (based on MS Installer)
  • Improved driver installation in Windows 9x (without starting Hardware Wizard)
  • Left-click on tray icon directly opens 'mount menu'
  • Installation directory now user-selectable
  • Tray icons now user-selectable
  • Securom emulation enhanced
  • Support for Windows XP
  • PHANTOM device removal in Windows 2000/XP enhanced (Windows warning message is skipped now)
  • 'Digital signature not found' message during Windows 2000/XP setup is skipped now
  • Workaround for WinOnCD CDROM emulator bug in Windows NT/2000/XP (system crash) included
Click Here now to download DAEMON Tools v2.60 or visit the official website @
Posted by: Nick

Middle arrowPSMConv 0.94b Released February 6 2001, 06:27 am
PSMConv 0.94b has just been released by the author, Shima. This program is a PlayStation movie converter & viewer. I currently do not have any idea to what's new/changes in this version as the words are in japanese. (If anyone of you know what's new in this release, please email me at, Thanks)

Click Here now to download PSMConv 0.94b in handy .zip format or Visit the Official Site over Here.
Posted by: Nick