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Bleem!- Latest

Bleem! is the best playstation emulator existed, it is compatible with quite a number of games. The full version has full sound effects and music, memory card support and direct3D support for 3D hardware cards. To run Bleem!, you would only need a IBM-compatible PC, Pentium 233 MMX or higher processor, isn't that great? Bleem! also gets updated regularly. And updates are free once you buy it. 

Visit bleem's website @

[PEC]-Playstation Emulation Cheater

[pec] aka Playstation Emulation Cheater is a freeware gameshark tool for bleem! and VGS. Its better than cheet! because of its huge codelist database and frequents updates. The program activates the codes fast and it does not affect the gameplay. Download it today as it'll be one of your most frequently used program once you have it.

Visit [pec] official's site @


BleemBoost, a utility which speeds up bleem! on computers. It improves the emulation speed in slower PCs, but the fast PC's won't get any use from this. Do try it, it really helps! 

Visit Megaman's Bleem Network @


Blini! is a powerfull bleem! ini editor which allows you to add, edit or even remove entries from the bleem! ini file. It's a user-friendly product, so its quite easy to use. This is a great product, you should keep an eye on this

Visit blini's site @


PSmplay, which is called Playstation Media Player. This is a tool which allows you to see STR/XA/TIM of PlayStation, which means you can watch movies of your favourite playstation games right from the cd. Sounds cool right? Download it today as it's a freeware tool. 

Visit the official page @


HyperSnap is a tool which allows you, to take screenshots from games and applications. It's easy to set up and has many cool advanced features like Quick Save/Copy/Print, converting images to all different types, image manipulation routines and much more. 

Visit hypersnap's official site @

Cheet! Full

Cheet! is an add-on tool for bleem which allows you to use normal Gameshark codes with bleem!. The DEMO will only include the possibility to test the power of cheet! by giving in 3 single cheat-codes. All other functions are disabled. 

Vist cheet's site @


With PSX Game Edit, you're able to modify your savegames. This tool supports DexDrive, Caetla and PlaySaver. With the gamesave, you can modify them with functions like cheat functions, compare function and much more. The program supports bleem!, Virtual Game Station and DevDrive gamesaves. 

Visit PSXGameEdit's official site @


It's a gamehacker which searches for addresses in pc and playstation games. With the addresses, you can easily change the values (health, power, money, etc...) in the game. This program also works well with Bleem.

Visit GameHack's site @