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2000, Nick

 Bleem! homepage with frequent updates. site ran by Bobbi, lots of bleem info that can't be found anywhere else, even here! 

PEC's Official site-PEC aka PSX Emulation Cheater, a tool gameshark tool for bleem! and VGS.

Blini!'s Official Site-A powerful ini editing tool for bleem, check here for support.

Cheet!'s Official Site-Cheet! is known to be the first cheat tool for bleem! You can find frequent updates and info there. This sure is a great site you can visit.

Arcade@Home-Well known Emulation page, with bleem! news. of gamehack, a program which acts like a gameshark for hacking games. 

PSX Game Edit-Homepage of the psx game edit utility for memcards hacking and converting.

Megaman's Bleem Network-Megaman's bleem support network, and homepage of bleem!boost utility. of Hypersnap DX, a screenshot saving graphics utility. Gameshark code creator's club!