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Q: Why do we have to pay for bleem, I thought most emulators were suppose to be free, why can't we keep it free?

A: Due to the high compatibility, amazing speed and features, wouldn't you want some sort of cash for something you put hundreds of sweating hours coding into?:) ...and isn't it a GREAT piece of software good enough to buy??

Q: Do I need a playstation to own bleem, legally?
A: No, Since bleem emulates the playstation bios it is not breaking the law..
Q: Will I have to buy EACH update?
A: Nope..Once you buy it, you get FREE updates! pay forever! Get the updates from
Q: Will there be updates, often as newer games come out?
A: Updates will be FREQUENT and OFTEN.. with the additions of new games to the market, updates will be made to Bleem..
Q: What are bleem's minimal system requirements?

* IBM-compatible PC, Pentium 233 MMX or higher processor 
* Windows 95/98 
* 16MB RAM 
* 3MB free hard disk space (including DirectX 6.1) 
* Sound card 
* CDROM drive 
* Internet connection and web access for compatibility updates 
* Recent full-featured 3D accelerator card required for D3D
   Enhanced! graphics. 

Q: What advantages does bleem have over a actual Playstation?
A: One big thing is Load time, since the actual playstation only reads cd's at 2X, and most computers have a 12x cdrom or better Most computers will load a noticible amount faster then a playstation, also speed depending on your machine, may give smoother resolution, leading to better gameplay, as well as no White then black start up screens! also, with the addition of 3d hardware support, textures will look smoother, and televisions run games at running it at 640x480 or 800x600 will make your games look a lot better..
Q: Is bleem going to take up alot of space on my hard drive?
A: The actual exe of bleem is quiet small, about 1MB in the current version bleem 1.5B, but most likely will expand with newer features, but it will not take up alot of space due to the way, and language its coded in. Also theres no need for installing roms since you will be running it from the CD..
Q: What platforms does bleem run on?
A: Current known platforms are Microsoft Windows 95/98..
Q: Will memory cards be supported?
A: yes, as well as dexdrive support..
Q: Will bleem play CD-R (copied) games?
A: Yes, bleem!'s performance with certain games can be greatly affected when using backup copies instead of your original game discs!

Due to the various differences between backup discs and original discs, some movies and background music may stutter, skip or sound scratchy. For the best performance and compatibility with bleem!, we strongly recommend the use of original discs only!

Q: Does bleem support a wide variety of CD-ROM drives?
A: Yes, Near perfect support for many CD-ROM drives, new and old, including a RAW mode emulation for older, slower CD-ROMs..
Q: Is there joystick support in bleem?
A: Yes bleem will support any joystick with direct input, it will even support 2 joysticks, such as Microsoft Sidewinder®, and 2 player support, Joysticks would run fine..
Q: Will I be able to re-define keys, or buttons on my joystick on bleem?
A: Yes, your able to select the direct input device, and define each key..
Q: Does bleem have 3d support?
A: Yes, bleem has D3D Support. Provided that you have a good 3d card. .
Q: Does bleem support playstation video (MDEC)
A: Yes, in the current bleem 1.5B it supports color MDEC in both 16 bit and 24 bit color modes..
Q: Does bleem support multiple resolutions?
A: Yes bleem will support multiple resolutions that your video card uses (i.e 640X480, 800X600, 1024X768).
Q: Does bleem support windowed mode?
A: Yes bleem supports both full screen and windowed modes, plus in windowed mode you have the option of resizing..
Q: Are there any chatrooms for bleem?
A: Yes, Alot of people go on EFNET (on IRC) to channel #bleem, some people there can be of help if you have any questions, or you can mail us if you have any questions..
Q: Where can I find more info on bleem?
A: A few websites have info on bleem, such as: (main site) (another great site for latest info on emulation)